PEB Steel Building in Coimbatore

What is PEB?

          Pre Engineering Building is a modern-day practice in structural engineering, generally, of massive steel structures which can be designed, Pre-engineered, and fabricated within the factory and are ready to assemble at the site which is lighter and saves time compared to conventional buildings by 30%.

Why prefer PEB Steel Building to Conventional building?

             To answer this, we should have to look at the advantages of PEB Steel Building and Conventional buildings such as cost, construction time, relocation…that are listed below.

Advantages of Pre-engineered steel Building:
  • Easy to set-up
  • Short construction time
  • Flexible expansion
  • Modifiable
  • Dismantled and Transportable to different locations
  • Cost-effective
  • Eco-friendly

Pre Engineering steel building in coimbatore

Pre engineered Steel buildings in coimbatore

As the awareness and acceptance of PEBs are growing rapidly, there’s a great demand in the market looking for well-accomplished PEB constructors in the city. We, Sri vijayadharini associates are proud to be a distinguished constructor of PEB Steel Building in Coimbatore. With strong roots in industrial design and knowledge, we construct and erect a wide range of durable PEB Steel Building structures to suit any type of industry, incorporating national & international standards as well.

We are the leading PEB Steel Building constructors to provide the right solutions by investing our wealth of knowledge and expertise to construct and erect any complex design structures within a short span ensuring quality standards. Adapted to the modern trends with cutting-edge technologies we could construct any office, commercial, or any industrial PEB Steel Building structures that are strong and durable with aesthetic design.

Why you choose us?

we like challenges to built steel buildings

Our key focus is our commitment to guarantee and fulfill customer satisfaction on any challenging projects we undertake. We have an energetic team of highly skilled engineers and employees, who’re highly efficient and experts at their job, spends adequate time with our clients – discussing and understanding the client needs to bring the best possible solutions.

Hence steel possesses high tensile strength we know how it can be optimized efficiently, where the usage of steel can be limited to make the building light and economically a better alternative compared to other conventional building methods. We are also expertise in renovation and remodeling.

We are transparent and precise to ensure seamless execution in our workflow to avoid any interrupts from designing the structure to installation. We strive to exceed our client’s expectations and our commitment to work shows. We also provide lifetime maintenance and support after the project is completed.